Antah Insurance Brokers

Company Profile

Full Company Name/Business Address

Antah Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd

Company Registration No : 22254-A
3rd Floor, West Wing Quattro West
No. 4, Persiaran Barat
46100, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Date of Registration/Incorporation : 10th March 1975
Co. Registration No : 22254-A
Bank Negara Malaysia Broking and Takaful Approval : 1st September 2020 - 31st August 2021
Ministry of Finance Malaysia Certificate No : 357-02207123 (30th September 2019 - 19th November 2022)

Nature Of Company

Sendirian Berhad / Licenced Insurance, Reinsurance and Takaful Brokers
Certified by Ministry of Finance Malaysia

Financial Strength

Authorised Capital : RM 10,000,000
Paid Up Capital : RM 2,320,000

Professional Indemnity Insurance Limits (Primary and Access Layer)
RM 100,000,000

Principal Owners of Company (Name & Equity Holdings)

Syarikat Pesaka Antah Sdn Bhd : 100%

Equity Participation

100% Malaysian
100% Bumiputera

Branch Offices

Johor Bharu : Johor

Georgetown : Pulau Pinang

International Affiliation/Member



Antah is a member of Global Broker Network (GBN). GBN Worldwide is the World’s Insurance Network®, an eco-system made up of the world’s leading (re)insurers, independent brokers, and specialty suppliers. Our membership of GBN Worldwide enables us to transact international business anytime, anywhere, and in every language.



Antah Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd is a strategic partner to TRUST RISK CONTROL (TRC) International Insurance Development GmbH since 2014. TRC was founded in 1998 and is based in the city Hamburg (Germany) and Zug (Switzerland). At the end of 2001, the TRUST RISK CONTROL International Broker Alliance GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a special broker alliance network for the support of corporate clients of foreign brokers in Europe, along with the CENTORIS Application Service Provider GmbH for the Global Online Management Information System.

Since 2006, the TRC Group has had its main office in Switzerland in order to expand more easily worldwide from the geographical center of Europe.

The basis for the collaboration between Antah Insurance Brokers is a Service Partner Agreement with TRC, which outlines the high quality of services expected by TRC to manage the referrrals from various member alliance of TRC.

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