Technical Advice

Experienced and trained personnel providing technical advice at all times.

Claims Management

At Antah Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd (AIB), we strive to deliver all our clients claims experience with a consistent level of service and satisfaction.

Claims play a crucial role in the insurance business and delivering on a promise when clients need us most is the key principle that we continue to focus on.

AIB have a dedicated Claims Management Team that is staffed with specialists and advocates who have served in the insurance industry dealing with insurance claims.

Our Claims Specialists and Advocates are dedicated professionals with backgrounds in legal, loss adjusting and insurance surveys and investigations, thus giving them insight into the insurance claims process which have proven valuable to our clients.

AIB optimizes the core Claims Process to gain a competitive edge by enhancing customer experience, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational expenses, thereby resulting in the clients experiencing the following:-

  • Highly experienced staff in the handling of claims, especially large, technical and complex claims
  • Efficiency through knowledge of insurance policies and presentation formats
  • Timely and smooth adjustment / settlement of claim by negotiating with Adjuster / Consultant / Insurer
  • Increase productivity as Client’s staff can focus on their primary work instead of the claim


Training programmes for clients on basic and technical issues relating to insurance.

Risk Management

Coordinating risks through our in-house engineers and surveyors in providing risk management techniques and methods of risk aversion.

Well Coordinated Service

Dedicated team to service your insurance programme to ensure that there is good comunication between us,
as the insurance broker and you as the insured.

On Going Services

We undertake to provide the following:-

  • Monitor any changes in insurance needs.
  • Information on insurance market developments.
  • Updating of insurer's performance and security standing.